Attention-Seeking Dog Is Humiliated When Dad Ignores Him So He Plans An “Attack”

Ralphie the Newfoundland is so huge in size that he resembles a bear. However, the giant dog is still a little puppy at heart who loves to snuggle! He’s the darling of his household and he adores his parents and siblings. When it comes to affection, he isn’t afraid to ask for it!

Mom recently noticed Ralphie’s adorable attention-seeking tendencies whenever Dad is around. Dad always stays busy with his work, so Ralphie never gets to spend much time with him. But whenever the dog sees Dad relaxing on the couch, he goes out of his way to get his share of cuddles and kisses!

In this video, we see Ralphie literally begging Dad for attention. He feels disappointed whenever Dad gets distracted or looks away. So he stands up on his hind legs and stubbornly demands Dad to pet him. Dad is enjoying his big boy’s love for him, but he still keeps teasing Ralphie by ignoring him!

Finally, Ralphie has had enough of Dad avoiding him! He boldly towers over Dad and hugs him tight. Dad is left with no choice as he gets smothered by Ralphie’s loving kisses! What a sweet cuddle bug! This is one lucky family as there’s no escaping Ralphie’s love!

Click the video below to watch Ralphie’s heart-melting antics as he demands attention from Dad!

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