A Beautiful Pug Birth Story. So Precious.

Just came across this amazing video of a beautiful pug, Little Girl who is also called Sweetness giving birth to her first litter.

What beautiful gifts from God, they are so precious, aren't they? It's so dramatic and riveting… this is what's life is about. What a beautiful thing… what a beautiful moment…

She is so lucky to have her human's support, love, and encouragement all throughout the birthing process!!! Not every doggie mommy is so fortunate. Kudos for being there for her!

This is her story. Check out the video on the next page:

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80 thoughts on “A Beautiful Pug Birth Story. So Precious.

  1. Awesome. Our black pug gave birth to 9 puppies at 2yrs of age and 7 at 4 yrs of age. I was at her side the whole time and helped her. A great experience. She is now 11.5 yrs old. Great pet in every way. Love her more than I can say. First pug we’ve had.

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