Adorable red fox is too friendly to live in the wild. Instead, she moves in with her human family

Not all animals are fit to live in the wild. Actually, some do better living along side humans. Here’s a story about Pudding, a fox cub, who was too tame to release back into the wild. Due to her special circumstances, the friendly cub wouldn’t make it in the wild since it became too friendly and couldn’t fend for itself.

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Pudding was found by a tiny fox club located in Yorkshire called The National Fox Welfare Society. The fox club rescues and rehabilitates foxes and other animals that have been injured. Typically, every one of their foxes are released back into the wild, but Pudding was a special case.

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When the club found Pudding, they had plans to immediately integrate her with the other foxes, but something happened. Just when they were about to put her into the enclosure, a tree fell, blocking the entrance to the enclosure. This meant Pudding spent time inside the house while they worked on fallen tree.

The other foxes in the enclosure were fine, but it took a while to get the tree chopped. By the time the entrance was cleared, it was too late. Pudding had already became too reliant on her human caretakers, who were hand-feeding her in the absence of a proper enclosure.

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In the image above, just take a look at Pudding. She’s absolutely adorable. Beautiful yellow eyes with a lovely red fur coat, this cub looks like a little puppy.

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The club tried to integrate her into more than one litter of foxes, but it wasn’t working. Pudding had become too familiar with humans and decided that she belonged indoors. Due to her special circumstances, the fox couldn’t be released back into the wild.

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It was then that the fox club had a novel idea. Instead of making Pudding go back into the wild, they would give her a new job. Pudding became the official ambassador for the organization where she remains a permanent resident.

The fox was very playful and affectionate towards humans. She greeted her handlers with yips while wagging her tail, just like a dog. Naturally, with Pudding’s adorable face, she became the club’s iconic image. The beautiful fox made her appearance on all their merchandise (mugs, T-shirts, etc).

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  1. These animals are just so lovely and one doesn’t see them that often, I haven’t heard of anyone that has one as a pet, it would be interesting to know how they lose that wild lust.

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