Preventing Dog Obesity: Tips to Make Your Canine Fit and Healthy

Chubby and plump dogs surely take everyone’s heart away. That round figure adds to their irresistible charm, but when it comes to their health and wellness, the leaner the better. So as paw parents, we need to make sure that we maintain our canine’s great looks and stellar health status. Here are some dog exercises along with some dietary tips that help keep our paw babies in top shape.



The zeal to run is built in a dog’s nature. They love running alongside their owners, but even if you don’t like to run, it doesn’t take much to encourage a dog to get on their paws and start sprinting. This is considered one of the best exercises that burn calories and build muscles among your fur babies.


Make a weekend out of it. Bask in nature, fresh air, and the views with your puppy. You could also invite loved ones to make the road trip more fun. More importantly, your pet will work out a sweat.


While out in nature, might as well let your pup do some nose work. After all, they are natural hunting companions. You don’t have to go full hunting, just let the little fella sniff around and run around during your hike. It will develop his focus and confidence and get a workout out of it.

Playing Catch

If you’re the type who’s not into that much physical activity, yet still want your dog to shed that excess weight, playing catch makes for a perfect option. This way, you can let your dog exercise without you having to keep up with their energy. This is also proven to burn 20-40 calories, but if you’ve got a frisbee and your dog is into that, you can even increase that number.


This exercise is best not only for your dog but also for you. This activity requires the use of your entire body resulting in a holistic workout. An hour’s worth of swimming sessions can burn up to 400 calories for a human, so it can also trim down up to 100 calories for your dog. You can do it on a river or a lake, or even a pet-friendly pool. Dogs would require a bit of motivation, however, so you should join them in the splish-splashing.

Off-Leash Walking

Walking is among the most basic things you should do to exercise your dog, but it doesn’t burn that many calories. A good alternative to this would be walking your pups with a leash off. Doing so allows them not only to walk but also to sprint and run from time to time, getting more calories burned than regular walking. It’s also a good way for you and your canine to enjoy the outdoors.


This is another enjoyable workout for you and your dogs. It can help build your upper body strength and your dog will enjoy playing with you. You might also want to use a stretchy toy or rope rather than wood or other hard materials that might damage or injure your canine. Remember, an idle mouth will want to snack, snack, snack.


A simple game of fetch can also help you and your pup bond and lose pounds at the same time. It could be a ball, stick, or toy. Just throw and let the little fella excitingly retrieve it. Just one of the many activities using their mouths outside of chowing down.

Agility track

Have you seen those athletic puppies running and jumping through hoops and obstacle courses on YouTube? With proper training and dedication, your puppy could be the next champ of the agility track. Learn tricks and skills and work off those excess energies.


Dress up in matching outfits, blast some Billie Eilish, and dance with your dog in your living room. You can also look for doggy discos and other similar events in your city.


Any activity that keeps your dog moving (not overeating) is encouraged. Dog yoga is indeed a thing. The thought of doing downward dog with your dog alone is worth the try.


Measure Meals

Of course, with exercise comes a corresponding diet that would further improve your dog’s health. Among the first tips is to measure the meals you feed them through a measuring cup. Monitor how much food they take in by keeping a journal. That way, you’re sure they don’t consume more than what is necessary.

Establish Schedule

You may do this by setting a daily time of feeding and timing how long they are allowed to consume the food. For example, paw parents usually free feed their dogs for 15 minutes, and take away any food that the dog doesn’t eat. This is a good way of training your pups to limit their food intake. Establishing a schedule or feeding routine encourages dogs to eat only 0n the established time frame.

Limit Snacks

We love to indulge our fur babies with treats all the time, but if your canine needs to go on a diet, limiting snacks in between meals can greatly help the calorie loss. This also helps you save on dog treats as they’ll be required to consume less.

Choose Low-Calorie Treats

Regular treats like biscuits and chews like bully sticks are usually high in calories. If your dog is on a diet and you’d like to give them treats in-between meals, one of the best foods to feed your dogs is those low in calories, like fruits or vegetables. You’ll be surprised how much they love munching on these. Add to that the fact that these organic treats are super healthy for your pup.

Avoid high-fiber foods.

Increased fiber, the indigestible part of carbohydrates, will not help your dog feel satisfied, and too much can interfere with nutrient absorption. Grains are a common source of fiber, and many grain-free foods are high in protein and low in carbs, which can make them effective foods for weight loss.

Make your own dog food

You can also make your own high-protein, moderate-fat, low-carbohydrate diet for your dog. Use lean meats, low-fat dairy, and green vegetables in place of most grains and starches. Avoid fatty meats such as lamb, pork, and high-fat beef, or cook them to remove most of the fat. It’s okay to include eggs in moderate amounts. You can also use these foods to replace up to 25 percent of commercial pet food, which will increase the total amount of protein and decrease carbohydrates in the diet.

Find the right edible dog chew

Dogs love to chew, and if you can find a low-fat, long-lasting chew, it can keep your dog busy, satisfied, and out of caloric trouble. Dried tendons, steer sticks, and similar chews work well unless they’re small enough for the dog to swallow.

Part of our responsibilities as paw parents is to ensure that our fur babies are always fit and healthy. While these dog exercises and dietary suggestions are great to keep them in top shape, it’s always best to regularly consult an expert to know their overall health status.

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