Pregnant dog with severely matted fur rescued from illegal breeder gets a beautiful makeover

It’s incredible how much difference a haircut can make — especially for dogs. Dogs are covered in thick fur so keeping them neat and clean is important for their health and wellbeing, but unfortunately many dogs are found in discomfort due to matted, dirty fur.

Like one dog, who was rescued from an illegal breeding operation, pregnant and in terrible condition. But thankfully, rescuers gave her a much-needed “makeover” and a new lease on life.

According to a Facebook post from the UK-based animal charity Hope Rescue, 27 dogs were rescued from an illegal breeder, found in “awful condition” and many pregnant with puppies.

“The dogs were in an awful state, their fur matted and caked in dirt, some to the point of not being able to see or walk comfortably,” Sara Rosser, head of welfare at the rescue, told Express.

A Bichon Frise named Custard Cream was one of worst cases, suffering from a severely matted coat while also pregnant with a puppy.

“[It] was heart-breaking to imagine her being mated in this terrible condition,” Hope Rescue wrote.

Having that much matted fur can be very uncomfortable for any dog, but posed even more of a threat as Custard Cream’s puppies were on the way.

“The heavy amount of matted fur on her small body meant that giving birth could have caused severe complications and risks to her life and the lives of her litter,” the charity wrote.

But thankfully, she was now in good hands, and Hope Rescue took care of her fur before she went into labor, removing the thick matted hair from her body.

Custard Cream went on to give birth via c-section, and photos show the newly-transformed dog with her healthy puppy, named Garibaldi.

Other dogs saved from the breeder also gave birth, bringing the total amount of dogs to 45.

Rescuing so many dogs at once from this horrible breeding situation has put a strain on the rescue, adding £15,000, or nearly $19,000 USD, in veterinary bills. They put out an appeal asking supporters to donate money to help these dogs.

But they hope that these rescued breeding dogs and their new puppies will go on to “live safe, healthy and happy lives,” aiming to rehome them all after they have received proper medical treatment.

It’s heartbreaking that any dog would be treated like this by uncaring breeders, but we’re so glad these dogs are all safe and that Custard Cream and her puppy are now looking beautiful ❤️

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