Popular Veterinarian Shows Dog Parents Things To Avoid At the Pet Supply Store

Walking the pet supply stores aisles these days can be very confusing for dog owners. Every aisle is full of toys and treats designed to entice people to purchase them for their dogs.

A veterinarian from Arlington, Texas, decided to walk the aisles of a pet supply store and explain what dog moms and dads should stay away from. Since his videos were posted on TikTok, they have gone viral.

“After a walk through a local store looking for new toys for my own dogs, I realized that there are an overwhelming amount of options, and marketing and colorful products play a huge role in the consumer’s decision. Unfortunately, those well-marketed products are not always what’s best for their loved ones,” Dr. Hunter Finn told BuzzFeed.

Since Dr. Finn sees dogs who get sick from various toys and treats, he hopes his videos will help pet parents make better decisions about the items they purchase.

He warns pet parents about items like pig ears, rope toys, and several other popular items that may pose a danger to a dog’s life. People are responding to the videos and sharing them with their friends.

In one of the videos, Dr. Finn shared, “If any treat is too hard to slap on your knee or make a fingernail indention in, it is too hard for your pet.” 

Watch one of Dr. Finn’s videos below. Always check with your dog’s veterinarian before allowing your pooch to consume treats or play with toys that may be dangerous.

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