Poor stray dog was found with 70 shotgun pellets in his body — police investigating

Poor stray dog was found with 70 shotgun pellets in his body — police investigating

It’s truly unbelievable how cruel some people can be towards animals. Police are currently investigating a shocking case where a dog was shot with 70 shotgun pellets — miraculously, the dog is expected to recover.

According to FOX 8, a resident in Geauga County, Ohio found a two-year-old dog wandering around, injured and covered in blood.

They took him to the vet, where x-rays revealed the dog had been shot in the back end with over 70 shotgun pellets. “Whoever shot it, obviously the dog wasn’t coming towards them or feeling a threat,” Geauga County Dog Warden Matt Granito told FOX 8.


The dog did not have any kind of identification, so he has been named “Skittles.” Despite the shocking act of cruelty, Skittles is pulling through: he reportedly has some fluid in his lungs, but is feeling better.

Vets were able to remove some of the surface pellets, but it would be too dangerous to remove them all: some pierced through the dog’s lungs. While lead poisoning may be an issue down the line, Skittles will otherwise make a recovery and live a normal life.


Skittles is currently recovering and in the care of a foster home. Once he has medical clearance, he may be put up for adoption as soon as next week.

But they still haven’t found the culprit who shot the dog, and are looking for answers. Granito says they currently have no leads, but encourage anyone with information to come forward and help bring justice for Skittles.

“Just the way people are acting nowadays towards some of these animals is just disgusting,” Granito said.

It’s unthinkable that anyone would shoot such a beautiful dog, but we’re so glad Skittles is going to pull through and live a happy life ❤️ We hope the culprit is found and faces justice for this horrible act.

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