Super Polite Dog Taps Man’s Leg To Let Him Know That He’s Sitting In His Spot

You might buy the biggest, fluffiest bed for your dog, but they would still want to lounge with you on the couch. But the Labrador in this video is very, very picky when it comes to hanging out on the couch.

He has a particular couch spot that cannot be compromised no matter what, and he is willing to go to great lengths to preserve his precious seat!

This dog doesn’t care much about cuddling with his human, and solely insists on napping on HIS couch seat. So when he sees his spot occupied by Dad, he loses his cool.

He badly wants to reclaim his rightful seat from Dad. But being a polite pooch, he keeps his temper in check and tries his best to hide his utter disappointment!

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

The dog begins his seat recovery mission in the mildest possible manner. He rests his neck on the couch, just beside Dad’s legs, hoping that his usurping human would come back to his senses.

But when this strategy fails to deliver, the dog takes a bold stand and slams his paw on the couch! He subtly rolls his eyes at Dad to make him realize he’s on the wrong spot.

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

Before Dad could process his mistake, the demanding dog makes another paw gesture and throws in some piercing stares ordering Dad to vacate the seat.

There’s no way anyone can say no to that tsunami of cuteness! Sure enough, Dad immediately acknowledges his mistake and obediently shifts to the other side of the couch.

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

As for the dog, he triumphantly jiggles his body and climbs on the couch with a legendary gait. He then flops down on his cherished royalty spot while sporting a self-satisfied look on his face.

We lost it when Dad zoomed in on his ridiculous expression at the perfect time! We have no clue what’s so special about this seat, but no one in the household has the audacity to snatch it away from this sassy doggie!

Click the video below to watch the dog hilariously going from polite to bossy as he shoos Dad away from his spot!

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