Police Officer And A Baby Owl Have The Cutest Conversation Ever

A Colorado police officer and a baby owl he met on a forest road produced one of the cutest shots he has ever seen. Their pleasant conversation was recorded by the officer’s body camera and it’s just adorable! The agent and her colleague were driving down a mountain road near the city of Nederland when they saw a tiny bird on the side. The little creature seemed lost, so the officer decided to investigate.

Moments later, the two of them had the cutest stalemate ever. Only after she were given off the car and approached the bird, the deputy observed it’s far a northern saw-whet owl. As she reached the lonely bird, the officer kindly asked: “Hey, what`s up?! Although I wasn’t expecting an answer, surprisingly it came right away. The owl was the sweetest when she heard a human voice, so she immediately started to turn her little head. A moment that she made the officer laugh.

Then the deputy saluted again and the little bird’s reaction was as adorable as before. The sweet and fun conversation ended when the deputies made sure the owl crossed the street safely and found its way through the trees next to the street.

The short footage was later shared online by the Boulder Police Department. Our officers were driving when they were stopped by this young northern sawtooth owl, ”they wrote on Facebook. “After some curious turns of the head (on both sides) he flew safely.”

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