Thousands Of Tiny, Pet-Killing Toads Are Invading A Florida Neighborhood

Right now, there is a Florida suburb that has been swarmed by a tiny, but lethal, menace. Thousands of small cane toads have covered almost every surface in the Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood.

They may look harmless, but these itty bitty amphibians secrete toxins that are extremely dangerous to pets and children. It can even be lethal.

Source: CBS 12

It’s impossible to get away from the small toads; they have already blanketed the lawns, sidewalks, and pools of the community. Not only that, but they’re also attracted to pet food left outside, making them congregate near areas with family pets.

Source: CBS 12

The cane toad is an invasive species that has spread across Southern Florida. As they have multiplied, the toads have killed many pets and native wildlife.

The dangerous toads were breeding in the community’s lake – and it doesn’t seem like the onslaught of amphibians will stop any time soon.

Source: CBS 12

Recent rainy weather and warm temperatures have caused a breeding cycle that will spread the toads throughout Southern Florida for several more weeks.

Source: Today Show

If you are anywhere near the Palm Beach Gardens community, keep your children and pets safely indoors. Touching or ingesting the toxins covering these small toads can be very dangerous.

The symptoms of toad poisoning in pets include drooling, loss of coordination, head-shaking, and convulsions.

If you think your pet has been poisoned by a cane toad, you can use a hose to wash out their mouth. By running water in the side of your pet’s mouth with their head pointed downward, you can flush toxin out (and not down their throats). Once you rinse out their mouth, please take your pet to the closest emergency veterinarian.

Hopefully, this dangerous plague will subside soon!

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