Puppy Fails Spectacularly In His Attempts At Reclaiming His Bed From The Cat

For a 10-week-old French Bulldog puppy named Pixel, his snug green doggie bed happens to be one of his most treasured possessions.

Imagine his heartbreak when he finds his bossy older cat sibling taking over his precious bed right under his nose! What follows is the tiny puppy’s futile struggle to reclaim what’s his!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

For a while, Pixel does try to politely ask the cat to vacate his bed. But the cat barely even acknowledges his presence! She’s a sly one!

That’s when an embittered Pixel plans to wrestle away his rightful bed from the clutches of his cunning sibling.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Pixel uses all his puppy energy as he endeavors to snatch his bed back. However, his feeble stature and fizzling strength is no match for the stocky weight of his plump feline sibling!

At first, he is hardly able to move the bed occupied by the cat, but he eventually manages to move it, albeit for a few inches!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

The cat barely moves a muscle as she ridicules Pixel with her cold, unimpressed glances while he strenuously “drags” her around the room!

Her nonchalant demeanor and complete lack of reaction while poor Pixel grunts away in exhaustion is way too hilarious.

We think she’s secretly enjoying her frustrated doggie brother suffering and toiling away right in front of her eyes!

Click the video below to watch Pixel getting taunted by his cat sibling who shamelessly took over his doggie bed!

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