Pitbull was found covered in toxic green paint, chemical burns — rescue gives her a second chance

Pitbull was found covered in toxic green paint, chemical burns — rescue gives her a second chance

It’s truly unbelievable how some people treat animals. A sweet dog named Clover was the victim of animal cruelty when she was covered in toxic green paint, which left her skin severely burned.

But when rescuers stepped in to save her, it led to a very happy ending.

In May 2022, Love Leo Rescue, a nonprofit rescue located in Santa Monica, California, responded to a 911 call about a pitbull who had been found covered in toxic green paint.

“We have no idea why someone would do this to her or what the underlying injuries are,” they wrote at the time. “We do know she urgently needed our help and she needed it today.”

The dog, now named Clover, was taken to North Valley Veterinary Center, who gave her two medicated baths to remove the green paint — and discovered severe chemical burns on her skin.

Her injuries were so severe that she required several weeks of hospital care, but in time she healed and her “true colors” began to shine through — both her natural gray fur and loving personality. She was taken in by a foster from Love Leo Rescue and continued to thrive.

“When we first rescued her, covered in green paint we had no idea the damage that lay beneath,” the rescue wrote. “But she soldiered through like a true pitbull and never complained. She has turned into a sweet, happy little girl who loves playing with her foster friends, going for hikes and snuggling in her bed.”

One she was recovered, she was placed up for adoption. However, it took a long time for her to find a home.

Due to her past trauma, she was naturally fearful around humans, and needed a family who would put in the effort to help her overcome her anxieties. Not everyone was a right fit, and sadly some of the adoptions fell through.

But in June 2023, the rescue finally announced the news many had been waiting for: Clover had been adopted! A couple named Eric and Aubrey took Clover in, and were caring and understanding with the dog’s fearfulness.

“When she had accidents in the house, they were patient and kind with her,” Love Leo Rescue wrote. “They introduced her to new places and people in a thoughtful and organized way. And all of that hard work and love paid off. This incredible dog has finally found her place in the world.”

This month, the rescue shared another update, saying that unfortunately Clover blew out both her ACLs, requiring an expensive surgery costing $5,000 per knee. Love Leo Rescue is asking fans to donate $5 to help cover the costs.

Despite that health setback, Clover is still doing well, and the couple say she is “living her best life” and successfully working to conquer her fear-based issues.

It’s unimaginable that anyone would be so cruel to this beautiful dog and cover her in toxic green paint, but we’re so glad she has pulled through and now has a loving family!

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