Pit Bull Heroically Saves Her Litttle Buddy From Drowning In Pool

Pit Bull Heroically Saves Her Litttle Buddy From Drowning In Pool

Security camera footage captured a heroic Pit Bull coming to the rescue of a Chihuahua puppy who accidentally slipped into a pool and was drowning.

In the video, Pulma, a small black puppy, is seen falling into the pool of his family’s home in Brazil and unable to get out. The family’s other dogs run to the edge of pool and sound the alarm after seeing their buddy struggling.

After hearing the other doggies barking, Athena, the 5-year-old Pittie, springs into action and runs over and tries to grab hold of Pulma.

Here’s a video from a different angle.

Athena slips into the pool herself but manages to turn herself around and then grabs hold of Pulma just as their mom, Janaina Leite, runs in after hearing the splash.

The dogs live in São Paulo and Athena is very protective of her doggie siblings. Pulma was a bit shaken but otherwise unharmed after his near drowning.

“It was a big scare. [But] thanks to her, and God, Pulma was unharmed,” Leite told the Dodo of Athena’s quick thinking. “Athena is very affectionate and protective of her siblings. She is very special.”

Leite isn’t taking any chances and plans to put extra protection around the pool so nothing dangerous like this happens again, adding, “We love our fur babies.”

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