Cops try to end pit bull and pig’s day of fun, but they refuse to let them in hysterical fashion

Sometimes, the best friendships are the seemingly unlikely ones. Just ask these two buddies Apollo and Grizzly. The adorable little pig Grizzly hangs around with two-year-old pit bull Apollo all the time and you could say these two experience quite the adventures together.

Apollo and Grizzly managed to sneak out of their owner’s house one day and decided to take a look outside and explore the nearby streets. Unfortunately for them, a bystander spotted the two friends and called the police so that they would be able to get home safely.

However, Apollo and Grizzly were just having way too much fun and weren’t planning on going home just yet.

Source: Fontana PD

Police officers in Fontano, California heard about a dog and a pig that were loose on the streets. It didn’t take long before police officers arrived and they just couldn’t stop smiling when they saw Apollo and Grizzly enjoying their time together. One of the police officers was immediately in awe by their cuteness:

“The (lil) piglet and the pit bull were best buds.”

Source: Fontana PD

When the police arrived on the scene, the adorable pit bull Apollo realized a couple of moments later that their playtime was over. However, his piglet friend was a bit reluctant to surrender himself to the police officer and didn’t allow them to capture him right away, even trying to run away for a bit. Luckily, the officers were able to “arrest” both of the two escapees shortly afterward in hilarious fashion.

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Police officers were able to track down the owner of Apollo and Grizzly thanks to the pit bull’s micro chip. It turns out that the two escaped from Michelle Aviña’s house just a couple of streets away from where they were found.

Michelle was very worried about her two lost pets and was thrilled to hear they were safe and sound.

“Someone left our side gate open and they walked out,” Michelle said to The Dodo. “Usually they’ll stay in the yard, but I think they were feeling adventurous that morning.”

Source: Michelle Aviña

The woman also says that these two animals are truly inseparable and are constantly alongside each other.

“They eat together, sleep together, dig holes together,” she added. “Wherever Apollo goes, Grizzly is right behind him. Who would ever think, right? A ‘vicious’ pit bull and a pig. But they’re best buds.”

What a beautiful friendship!

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Source: The DodoFontana PD

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