[Video] This picky dog won’t eat her dry food, so dad came up with a solution…

Man’s best friend has just a few simple needs in life and they all revolve around eating. Whether a dog is playing, cuddling, or sleeping, when they hear the sound of dinner being opened and prepared, they come running.

Some of the more voracious pup’s appetites appear to have no limits and they will scarf up any and all treats or food scraps thrown their way, then continue on to eat grass, rocks, and whatever else they come across.

In direct contrast to these hungry dogs are the rare few who have very weak appetites and are extremely picky eaters. This type of dog doesn’t get all that excited around dinner time and when a bowl of food is placed under its nose, it doesn’t dig right in.

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Instead, they sniff their meals hesitantly before pushing the morsels around a bit and maybe they take a few bites, then walk off unimpressed.

Such was the case for Luna who has been a picky eater over the years. However, the owner found a perfect way to get Luna to eat every time, and fortunately for him, it doesn’t involve going broke buying canine filet mignon.

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248 thoughts on “[Video] This picky dog won’t eat her dry food, so dad came up with a solution…

  1. I had to literally spoon feed my Rottweiler for the 1st 6 months of his life…the Vet told me to just leave him with the food,he will eventually eat…3 days later,the ants were carrying his food away! While feeding him,I even had to say in a slightly stern voice,”com’on! there’s only 2 spoons to go and he would eat them…he turned out to be the smartest most loyal dog I’ve ever experienced..

  2. Lol and I thought my black lab was the only Diva around….. she sometimes looks at her food as if to say “seriously… that’s what your giving me…” yet she will eat any old c**p she finds at the park.

  3. I had a Standard Poodle that was a very picky eater. She’d snarf down anything she found outdoors; swallowed mice whole, like capsules. Put dog food in front of her and she’d look at me as if to say, ‘why are you trying to poison me?’. She’d pick at her food; didn’t get thin. Then the next Doberman came and I had to stand over her and pick up her food as soon as she walked away; he’d eat it in a flash.

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