Pekingese Puppy Proves He’s a Herding Master

Sometimes, we’re just born to be something, and there’s no doubt that Percy the Pekingese puppy was born to be a herding dog.

At just sixteen weeks, he saw his two pals herding sheep. It was as if he knew he needed in on that fun, too, and went right to work.

He follows their lead, then takes a lead of his own, keeping the sheep in the corral, much to that sheep’s dismay.

His owners were so amused by his antics that they decided to videotape the dog on duty.

They find it hysterical, even though the sheep doesn’t appear to enjoy it much.

The other dogs in the corral are Australian Kelpies, trained to herd sheep. They turn out to be pretty good role models for the little pup who figures on-the-job training is quite enough.

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