Woman Cuts Holes In Fence So Her Curious Neighbor Dog Can Peek More Comfortably

California’s Jennifer Bowman lives next door to a curious German Shepherd, Penny. Jennifer was used to seeing Penny jumping up and down while trying to peek over the fence.

The dog is extremely social, and simply wanted to interact with Jennifer and her dog, Olive.

Source: Peeking Penny/Youtube

Jennifer felt sorry for “Jumping Penny” and her never-ending hops around the fence. She also realized that her fence was getting weaker due to the constant pressure coming from Penny’s paws.

One day, Jennifer came up with a crazy solution to fix all her problems related to Penny and her jumps!

Source: Peeking Penny/Youtube

Jennifer grabbed the drilling machine and punched three huge holes in her fence to enable Penny to peek through instead of jumping over.

The holes were perfectly aligned to fit Penny’s eyes and muzzle. The friendly dog could use the holes anytime she felt like checking on her neighbors!

Source: Peeking Penny/Youtube

And just like that, “Jumping Penny” transformed into “Peeking Penny” with the help of the modified fence! Jennifer and her family love hanging out with Penny while watering the yard and Olive adores Penny too!

However, “Peeking Penny” often catches strangers off-guard and unwittingly spooks them out with her shielded stares! This story truly cheered us up! What about you?

Click the video below to watch Jennifer spending time with the adorable “Peeking Penny”!

Penny the dog was constantly jumping up over the tall wooden fence just to say ‘hi’ to the neighbor and her dog

So the woman drilled three holes in a fence – now the happy doggie can peek into her backyard!

Peeking Penny does it again

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