Woman Worked Quickly To Uncover Taped & Melted Container With Crude Air Holes

Despite the existence of shelters and rescue groups, people continue to callously abandon their animals.

These heartless individuals don’t take into account the animals’ well-being nor their safety. They also don’t care about the shelter workers who have to deal with their actions.

Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation learned this lesson firsthand. Instead of waiting for the shelter to open, volunteers arrived early one morning and found a container near the shelter’s entrance.

The container had crude air holes and the container was taped shut. The container was also left overnight, exposed to the elements.

Source: Paw And Hooves Rescue Foundation

It had been raining all night and temperatures hovered in the high 80’s. As a shelter volunteer dragged the container inside and propped up her phone to record, she cut the tape of the container and lifted the lid.

The recording could later be used as evidence if the state decided to prosecute. The volunteer was astonished. Inside the container, ten puppies gasped for air as the lid came off.

It was as if there were no air holes to begin with. It broke her heart. Who could be so cruel?!

Source: Paw And Hooves Rescue Foundation

The puppies were soaked and panting excessively. It was a miracle they were still alive! All ten puppies suffered from heatstroke.

To make matters worse, the shelter was already overcrowded. Now they had ten more puppies to care for. The shelter was understandably upset. They took to Facebook, outraged.

Source: Paw And Hooves Rescue Foundation

“Why do people do this?” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “They must justify it thinking we have all the funds in the world and unlimited facility space to house all the unwanted pets in our area.”

Source: Funky Smile/Youtube

The shelter did what they had to despite limited funds and room in the facility. The puppies were placed in foster homes where they were cared for. Once they were old enough, all ten puppies found forever homes.

While this story did end happily, the puppies could have faced a different fate. They could have died in that container. There is no excuse for actions like this.

The first line of defense is to always spay or neuter your pet. Any unwanted litters should be properly handled. There are ways to rehome these animals yourself or to surrender them under humane conditions.

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