Patrick Stewart Greets The Pit Bull He Will Be Fostering And Falls In Love

Here's the video of actor Sir Patrick Stewart getting the sweetest ‘hello' when he meets Ginger, the pit bull he is fostering, for the very first time.

Ginger is all smiles as she’s greeted at the door and even gives the actor kisses when he leans down to greet her. “Thank you for that. That was a very nice greeting,” he tells Ginger, petting her.

Check out the video below and watch what happens!

The actor later updated everyone on how Ginger is doing, writing, “Our foster doggie Ginger is sleeping and snoring on our couch and I can honestly think of no greater compliment.”

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68 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart Greets The Pit Bull He Will Be Fostering And Falls In Love

  1. Erica Saunders Dunlap Agreed that sometimes it is the dog. One of my parents neighbours had a black lab who would bite and be aggressive with anyone but her and she had bought the puppy (at the time) for her kids after their first lab passed away. Her kids couldn’t even put the leash on to take it for a walk, feed it, pet it, anything. She took the dog to obedience training, talked with professionals and her vet. She was told that just like people, some dogs aren’t just right in the head and the best thing would be to put the dog down as it was unsafe to be around her kids and to even re-home it, there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t bite/attack the new owner as it was becoming more aggressive as time went on. She did as the vet suggested (which was very hard on her) as she did not feel comfortable with taking the risk of passing on the aggressive dog and bought another black lab puppy after some time had passed. That puppy turned into the happiest, fun loving dog ever. All of her dogs were treated the same with the same type of training and same amount of exercise (which was a lot).

  2. Aaawwww isn’t that cute . If he wasn’t done liberal famous actor nobody would give a$#%&!@*because millions of people do this everyday. I got an idea lets put a news article about everyone who adopts a dog

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