The Love Story Continues Between Patrick Stewart And His Foster Dog

There are many foster caregivers for dogs throughout the United States who volunteer their time to nurture and rehabilitate rescue dogs, but not every fosterer has celebrity of the stature of Patrick Stewart, to shine a light on the countless, wonderful dogs available for adoption.

However, a week ago, Stewart tweeted that he was about to meet his new foster dog, Ginger, and from that moment on, it’s been an adorable “love-in” between the pair.

In only a few days, the Pit Bull has taken to snuggling on the couch, giving kisses by the pool and generally winning Stewart’s heart and the hearts of animal lovers on the Internet.

Stewart’s wife, Sunny, is also sharing adorable pictures and videos of their cuddly foster.

Ginger, carrying around a walking shoe (hint, hint).

Affectionate sneezing…

‪Atchoo! #GingerGurl @ASPCA @WagsandWalks #AdoptDontShop #FosteringSavesLives‬ #pitbullsofinsta #pitbull

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It’s pretty clear Ginger is smitten with her foster parents, and Stewart is determined to find her a home, putting out the call for potential adopters for the affectionate Pit Bull while appearing on various talk shows.

With all that action and attention, it’s no wonder the latest video Stewart shared, shows the pair taking a well-deserved nap on the couch, to which Stewart tweeted, “Sunday snores (not mine).”

With every post to social, Stewart and Sunny are encouraging others to “adopt not shop”. Ginger is a rescue dog with the ASPCA and Wags and Walks in the U.S.

I’m sure that watching Stewart with Ginger will also help inspire others to consider fostering dogs as well!

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