Owners of new home find starving, abandoned dog locked in closet

The owners of a new home in Caribou, Maine found something heartbreaking left behind by a previous occupant: a scared, starving dog, left abandoned in a closet.

According to a release from the Caribou Police Department, the dog was discovered in the closet after new owners recently purchased the home, and the dog had “not been properly cared for in quite some time.”

Police believe the dog was left there when the home was vacant, sometime after the previous homeowners moved out.

Photos show the heartbreaking condition the dog was left in. He was in a cramped, dark closet for who knows how long. While he has food in his bowl he is clearly weak and possibly malnourished.

The police announced that they were “making sure he gets the care he needs,” and also announced an investigation into the dog’s owner.

The reached out to the public for tips, and in an update said they have “identified a suspect and are in the process of locating him.”

Meanwhile, they said the dog is “getting the care he needs.” It isn’t yet clear where the dog will end up next, or what charges will be sought against the owner.

But hopefully, justice will be done, and the cruel owner will be found and this poor dog will have a better life with someone who will treat him right.

It’s unthinkable that anyone would abandon a dog like this, but we hope this dog will be okay and the person who left him in this house will be found and face justice.

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