Orphan Elephant Had No Friends Until A Dog Climbed On Its Head!

Bubbles was an orphan young elephant when she was discovered by some African animal rescuers. Both her parents have been killed by poachers, making it extremely difficult to survive, especially because elephants are herd animals.

Many isolated and disturbed elephants due to a lack of rehabilitation facilities are poached and routinely put down. Bubbles, on the other hand, was very grateful when the staff at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina decided to take her.

Meanwhile, the heartbroken Elephant received a final blessing in the form of another species’ sister, the Black Labrador Bella!

When Bella first met Bubbles, she was a forgotten abandoned puppy, but there was an instant bond between them!

They became friends because of their shared love of swimming, allowing them to sit in the pool chatting and playing in the water for hours without caring about the world.

Bubbles and Bella are now inseparable best friends and their long-standing relationship is being celebrated around the world!

Although Bubbles was lucky enough to escape her miserable life in a treacherous forest, it was Bella’s embrace as her soul mate that truly saved her soul!

Let’s toast this amazing and transcendent love!

Watch Bella and Bubbles get lost in each other’s company in the video below!

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