Orangutan mom finally reunites with her kidnapped baby and her reaction has us tearing up

Reunions between lost babies and their mothers are always heart-warming, but a recent story about an orangutan mother and the reunification of her own baby provokes emotions that cross over to different animal species.

When the orangutan mother Clara gave birth to her baby Clarita, she was ready to give everything for her precious baby. lShe carefully took care of and fed her daughter from the first second.

Clara and her baby lives at Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue Center in Borneo, a sanctuary for orangutans who have been abandoned or rejected.

But one day little Clarita was kidnapped. According to reports, baby Clarita was kidnapped from her mother by a male-dominant orangutan in the Borneo jungle, located in central Indonesia.

As if this weren’t heart-breaking enough, it took nearly a week before Clara was reunited with her baby again.

This was all thanks to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

Clara och Clarita

Still, the reunion after seven days didn’t immediately transpire into a happy ending like you might see in the movies.

It was a nervous nurse who held up Clarita in front of her mother. A baby orangutan that has been separated from her mother can risk rejection.


The caretakers feared that Clara could reject the poor orangutan as one that wasn’t her own.

Such a rejection stems from a mother orangutan’s inability to recognize her own baby, and not a disownment.

Clara och Clarita

Thankfully though, Clara did accept her baby back into her life.

Clara was able to touch Clarita through her cage and soon gave signals of recognition, thanks to the careful methods by Borneo’s crew.

Clara stretched out for Clarita and there was no doubt that the mother instincts still was alive.

The crew then transferred Clarita to her mother, who then began breastfeeding the hungry baby orangutan.

Now, both mother and baby will finish the rehabilitation process to get them ready for another transition: back into the wild.

I am so happy for this baby and her Mama. I truly enjoyed the video, orangutan are so much like humans. 

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