Curious Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman’s Belly

Curious Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman’s Belly

When Jay Clarke and his 37-week pregnant partner visited Britain’s Colchester Zoo, they were amazed when they visited Rajang the Organgutan. The large male red ape quickly became fixated on her belly and before long he was trying to kiss Clarke’s partner’s belly through the glass.

But Rajang was not as impressed when Jay tried to get in on the action. “I put my belly too the glass and got a dirty look then when I placed my hand on [it] he tried to push my hand away,” Jay describes on YouTube.

As soon as his partner returned her belly to the glass, Rajang touched and kissed her belly again. “Truly a special animal that has touched our hearts,” writes Jay.

This moment reminds me of the video of this gentle female orangutan who wanted to see a mother’s baby at another zoo.

Orangutans are so genuinely curious and obviously understand the parallels between human pregnancy and babies and their own experiences.

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