Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Too Fat To Walk Sheds Pounds And Gains A Family

When Abby the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was rescued in Birmingham, Alabama, the podgy dog was so seriously overweight that she couldn’t walk and had to be wheeled in a cart. She had reached a whopping 50 pounds after being fed human snacks and been given no exercise.

The seven-year-old Spaniel was so overweight a single step would leave her struggling for breath and needing to sit down.

Last year, Brittney Wilk of the Cavalier Rescue of Alabama rescued Abby, and immediately put her on a strict diet and an underwater treadmill, six times a week, until she was fit enough to go for walks.

After lots of effort, Abby was able to walk and swim all on her own. I love the short clip included in the video below that shows Abby being cheered on in the pool.

The sweet dog now weighs a wonderful (and appropriate) 22 pounds and has a new home with a loving family.

Watch Abby’s amazing transformation in the video below!

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