Timid, Abused Puppy Mill Survivor Gathers Courage To Snuggle Dad For The First Time

“Operation Liberty Dogs” busted a puppy mill in North Virginia, rescuing 132 puppies and 4 exotic birds from the most horrific living conditions.

Noisette, one of the Boston Terrier pups rescued from the cramped and filthy cages, showed signs of intense physical and emotional trauma.

Source: A Wuhrer/YouTube

The severely neglected Noisette was anemic, covered in flies and feces, and had never socialized or learned to live as a puppy.

Anne Wuhrer and her husband decided to foster Noisette and help her heal and get accustomed to life as a beloved pet.

The one major hurdle the couple faced was Noisette’s extremely shy and timid demeanor. The poor pup was scared out of her mind and would just huddle in a corner and sulk quietly.

Dad lies on the floor for 20 minutes, hoping that Noisette would be curious enough to come out of her shell.

Source: A Wuhrer/YouTube

In the video, we see Noisette cautiously approaching Dad and sniffing him. Then, like a miracle, she finally musters up the courage to snuggle Dad!

While she rests her head on Dad, she sighs in peace, as she finally feels safe for the first time in her life. What a touching way to help heal a sensitive dog!

Click the video below to watch how Dad managed to get Noisette to trust him and find comfort in him!

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