Never See Mosquitoes In Your Yard Again, Cheap And Easy 3 Ingredient Solution

Mosquitoes can turn any summer barbeque into an outdoor nightmare in minutes. You can try sprays, candles, tiki torches and patches, but nothing works quite like this simple solution.

Using everyday household items, this man shows an easy and effective way to trap pesky mosquitoes.

All you need is a plastic 2-liter bottle, a serrated utensil, brown sugar, warm water and yeast!

He starts by taking a sharp, serrated utensil and cutting off the top third of a plastic two liter bottle.

Then he adds one-quarter cup of brown sugar followed by one full cup of warm water in the bottom half of the bottle.

Lastly he add one-fourth of a teaspoon of yeast. This irresistible concoction lures in and attracts the mosquitoes.

He then takes the top of the bottle with the cap off and places inside the bottle upside down.

The mosquitoes are attracted to the sweet-smelling mixture and then get trapped inside.

This easy solution can be taken anywhere, whether outside on your patio, at an outdoor sporting event, or camping where the mosquitoes especially like to lurk around the campsite.

What a neat and simple idea with the materials you need already laying around your house!

Try it for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. Once you give it a shot, share the results in the Facebook comments section!

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