Neglected husky puppy was found tied up on the street — now this “perfect dog” is looking for a home

Neglected husky puppy was found tied up on the street — now this “perfect dog” is looking for a home

Animal rescues do incredible work, taking in unwanted and discarded pets off the streets and giving them a second chance.

Recently, a puppy named Buckley was found tied up and neglected — but now he’s in good hands and looking for a new home.

Love Leo Rescue, a nonprofit animal rescue based in Santa Monica, California, recently came to the aid of Buckley, a 5-month-old husky puppy who was in a bad living situation.

A bystander had found Buckley tied up in the streets, eating scraps for food. The rescue wrote on Facebook that the dog suffered neglect and abuse from the homeless people he had been living in, and the owner agreed to release him so he could find a better life elsewhere.

Buckley was placed in a foster home, and despite his past history he proved to be a happy, loving dog. The rescue wrote that he’s friendly, highly intelligent and plays well with dogs of all sizes.

“Buckley is an exceptional dog,” rescue director Sasha Abelson told The Dodo. “He is well balanced and loving and didn’t let his previous experiences change his lovely personality… He loves playing with his dog friends and learning new skills. He loves going for hikes and also cuddling near his humans. He is just a perfect family dog.”

Buckley is now up for adoption. Love Leo Rescue is looking for a family in the Los Angeles area, and says the ideal home would be an active family with other dogs for Buckley to play with.

“Rescued from the streets, he deserves everything life has to offer,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

“Buckley is just perfect… If you lead an active lifestyle and love the breed, please consider adding this very handsome boy to your family.”

They also wrote that Buckley’s transformation was a testament to the hard work of rescues everywhere.

“This is perfect illustration of why we do what we do,” Love Leo Rescue wrote. “Reputable rescues across the country and around the world, help make transformations like this possible. From neglected and abused to truly living his best life.”

We hope that Buckley finds a forever home soon! If you are in the area and interested in adopting Buckley, you can apply online at his adoption page!

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