“My mom can’t take care of me anymore”: Cats abandoned with heartbreaking note, shelter writes a reply

It’s always heartbreaking when an animal is abandoned, but sometimes people have no other choice. Caring for a pet is a major responsibility and expense, and sometimes life circumstances change where people can’t care for their pets anymore.

When two cats were found abandoned recently, a heartbreaking note told the whole story — and one animal shelter wrote a touching response.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, in Asheville, North Carolina, recently found two cats left in a kennel in their yard. While most shelters don’t encourage surprise drop-offs like this, a note attached to the crate made it clear the cats’ owner was facing difficult circumstances.

My name is baby, my mom can’t take care of my anymore,” the handwritten note read. “Please find me and my sister our next home.”

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Facebook/Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

“Such a heartbreaking message,” Brother Wolf Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook.

The shelter wrote a reply to the owner, demonstrating a lot of understanding and empathy for her situation.

“To the person who left them… They are safe with us, and thank you for trusting us with your cats you so clearly loved,” Brother Wolf Animal Rescue wrote. “We understand you didn’t have another choice, and we hope you are ok.”

They also say that the owner left the kennel in the shade, indicating a concern for their wellbeing even as she had to leave them behind.

Animal shelters deal with cases of pet abandonment on a regular basis — many of these stories are shocking or even cruel. But this story shows that shelters have a lot of understanding for people who are struggling, and will take their pets in without judgement.

Earlier this month, LifeLine Animal Project, a nonprofit no-kill shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, went viral with a similar story in which they found a dog abandoned outside their facility. A note explained that the owner was homeless and unable to care for the dog, and also included important information about the animal.

“He is very obviously loved,” the rescue wrote in an open letter to the owner. “We love him, too, and will do everything in our power to help him go home.” After they were unable to contact the owner, Milo was adopted into a new family.

It’s heartbreaking that this woman could no longer care for her two cats, but she did the right thing by putting them in the shelter’s care — hopefully they will find their next homes soon ❤️

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