My FURst Time: What is the Best Dog for New Owners Like You?

Finding companionship in dogs can be exciting because of their loyalty and cuteness, so being a dog owner is truly a decision you won’t regret. However, owning a furry friend can also be a challenging responsibility, especially if you have a busy schedule, so it’s best to test the waters with low-maintenance breeds as a first-time owner. Let’s see the best dog for new owners, like you, shall we?

Golden Retriever

No one’s surprised this breed made the list because they can be easily trained. The average time for golden retrievers to be potty trained is only from two weeks up to a month. It’s that easy! They’re one of the most loyal breeds out there too–whether at home or in the workforce– and this is the main reason why they’re chosen as police dogs or therapy dogs.

Aside from that, their loving and gentle personality helps them get along with other pets easily, like cats or other smaller pets. This breed will indeed match with any type of dog owner, so give it a try!

Note: As a new owner, we advise buying paw protecting boots when walking your golden retriever out. These adorable doggos are good at swimming, but their paws are quite delicate on land. Make sure to keep their paws protected!

Labrador Retriever

Are you a thrill-seeking, bold person who loves hiking or surfing at the beach? Well then, a Labrador retriever is probably for you! Like golden retrievers, they can be easily trained but they’re incredibly intelligent and athletic too, making them the best adventure companion. In fact, most hunters opt for this breed because of their agility and sharp wit.

The best part? They’re not picky eaters and it doesn’t cost a fortune to adopt one. If you don’t want a pet to stop the fearless daredevil in you, at least let a Labrador retriever enjoy the experience with you.


A long time ago, they were bred to be hunting or guarding dogs. That’s probably why boxers don’t just have goofy, adorable faces, but they’re instinctively protective, too. You can rely on them to protect your family members when necessary. They even possess the patience to care for your toddlers. You don’t believe me? Just look at videos of Boxers cuddling babies.

If you’re looking for a cuddle-loving breed who’s always down to play, this breed is best.


Pugs make one of the best lap dog breeds because they’re not constantly plotting to destroy your shoes or couch. They can be easily occupied with one toy. Like boxers, they love to cuddle and they’re extremely great with children, you may want to go for a pug if you don’t have space for a boxer. They’re also not violent, helping them get along with other pets easily. Just as long as you put some Nose Butter to keep their snoots moisturized, pugs can be one of the most loving pooches for newbie dog parents.

It’s important to note that pugs also don’t require too much exercise because they’re prone to heat sensitivity.  They’re best for dog owners who like to exercise very early in the morning or at night.

Shih Tzu

Are you living in a condominium or a small apartment and having trouble finding a dog that won’t end up disturbing the neighbors with loud barking? Then, owning a Shih Tzu is the right choice. Make sure to cuddle and play with them though before going to work because they can be a bit clingy. Aside from that, like pugs, they don’t require strenuous exercise. As long as you have a little space like a porch, they’ll be happy as long as there are toys to keep them busy.

Never underestimate these cute little beasts because they’re not just polite to strangers, they’re strong for their size as well. Above all, Shih Tzus adapt quickly to environments, so they’ll be able to adjust to new places and routines.

It can be difficult to choose which the best dog for new owners is, but who says you need to choose just one? As long as you can be responsible enough to care for more, find it in your heart to adopt other breeds which fit your personality.

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