Mom Stops Work And Follows ‘Upset’ Husky Around The House Asking Him What’s Wrong

Lindsay Fleishman was busy finishing her work when her 9-year-old Husky, Zeus, came running to her with his “distressed cries”.

Lindsay is very familiar with Zeus’ classic temper tantrums for “petty” reasons, but the dog genuinely sounded worried this time.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Like a good mom, Lindsay immediately halts her work to tend to Zeus. Her German Shepherd, Kaden, also runs in to check what’s wrong with his brother.

Now that Zeus has got everybody’s attention, he runs to the other room while continuing his howls!

Lindsay and Kaden anxiously follow Zeus around the house. Lindsay keeps asking him what’s bothering him, but she only gets more “distressing” howls in reply.

Finally, Zeus stops his whining abruptly and points toward the drawer to his side!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Lindsay realizes that all the over-dramatic cries were a part of Zeus’ plan to get her to open the treat drawer!

Lindsay not only falls for this elaborate ruse, but also gets hilariously cornered by Zeus! The dog simply wouldn’t let her go till she gives him the treats!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Poor Lindsay ends up giving treats to both Zeus and Kaden. Zeus happily stops howling once he starts munching on the treats, and Lindsay can’t help but feel scammed by her own dog!

Zeus is definitely a genius mastermind who always finds a way to get what he wants!

Click the video below to watch how Zeus mischievously tricked Lindsay into opening the treat drawer!

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