Mom Told Frenchie The Dog Park Was Closed And “Walter” Is Not A Happy Puppy

Walter Geoffrey the French Bulldog lives with his mom, Amber, in Austin, Texas. He looks as sweet as pie, but sometimes he can be very sassy. And he has the mouth to prove it!

When he and his mom were in the car, she politely explained to him that the dog park was closed. But Walter wasn’t having any of that. He wanted to go the dog park and he wanted to go NOW.

Facebook/Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie

Walter started throwing a fit, moaning and howling at his mom. His meltdown goes from high-pitched howls and eventually changes to a deep, angry tone. Amber tells him to stop interrupting her, but Walter continues to protest.

She tries to explain that the reason they can’t go to the park is because they’re spraying for bugs. As she’s telling him that, he quiets down and his ears perk up to the word “park.” He finally quit his…  >>Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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