Mom Tells Dog To Stop Barking So Loud, His Reaction Has The Internet In Stitches

Be honest. We have all seen and heard dogs that annoy us.

Even the most ardent dog lover can occasionally find some dogs annoying. Some are too hyper. Some are too yappy. And some are simply too loud.

The pet lover in this video clearly has a strong bond with her dog and loves him dearly. But she also does not seem to love his loud barks. So, what’s a dog lover to do? Well, this woman trained her dog to soften his bark on command.

The video below shows a Shiba Inu and his owner on a Japanese game show. His person can be heard giving commands. The Shiba Inu is a dog breed native to Japan.

They are known to be intelligent which explains how he could learn to soften his bark when his person asks him to. The breed also has pointed ears, a curly-q tail and is quite agile.

His person starts by getting her adorable dog to bark. He does…a sharp, loud bark. Then his person asked, “You can bark a little softer, right?”

Amazingly, the dog starts barking softer. His person keeps telling him to go a little softer.

Each time, he does, in fact, bark a little more softly until all you can barely hear him. Of course, with a performance like this, he deserved a tasty treat afterward.

The audience was amazed at this super smart dog. No doubt you will be, too! Watch for yourself and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

Just make sure things are quiet around you so you don’t miss this adorable pooch’s finale.

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