Missing 2-year-old found safe — with her two loyal dogs protecting her

A missing toddler wandered three miles from her home. But when she was found, it turned out she wasn’t alone after all — and had two loyal protectors keeping her safe.

Two-year-old Thea Chase disappeared from her home in Fiathorn, Michigan on Wednesday. The toddler had been told to go inside to put shoes on, but seemingly wandered off without a trace, along with the family dogs.


With no sign of Thea, her mother Brooke Chase panicked and feared for the worst. “I am just running up and down the road, we were driving up and down the road trying to search,” Brooke told WLUC. “We are not hearing any of the dogs, they are not coming to our calls, she is not coming to our calls. I was just panicking, thinking the worst.”

The family called the police, and an extensive search began for the missing toddler. Police K9s and neighbors joined the search, which went on for five hours.

Finally, Thea was discovered near an ATV trail nearly three miles from home. She wasn’t alone: she had her two loyal dogs by her side.

The two dogs took it upon themselves to keep her safe and comfortable: according to CNN, Buddy the Rottweiler protectively barked at the search party member who found her, while the other dog, an English Springer named Hartley, acted as a cozy pillow for Thea.

The two dogs have been part Thea’s life since she was born, and mom says the toddler has them “wrapped around her finger,” so it’s no surprise they wanted to keep her safe while she was away from home.

“I am thankful for the dogs being with her,” Brooke told WLUC. “When she was found, the only reason she was, was because our bigger dog, Buddy, was standing there. The driver said he went to touch her to wake her up because she was still sleeping, and Hartley was growling at him to not touch the kid.”

Thea returned home, safe and sound. Thankfully, she was completely unharmed — and completely unfazed. “The minute she sees me she says, ‘Hi Mommy,’ like nothing happened. She was giggling,” Brooke says.

We’re so glad Thea is safe and sound — thank you to these amazing, protective dogs for staying with her!

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