Military Dog Was Taken Away From Her Sergeant. 2-Years Later & She Heard Him Call Her Name

The bond between retired Army Sergeant Jason Bos and his military dog Cici is a very special one indeed.

They were together on over 100 missions and spent over 5 years with each other, protecting each other and giving each other much-needed love and companionship.

YouTube/WOOD TV8

Cici was in charge of detecting bombs and was on the military frontlines protecting her fellow soldiers from unforeseen danger around the world, including Germany, Kuwait and Iraq.

When Sergeant Bos was sent back home, the military decided Cici’s job wasn’t over yet. She would serve in war-torn regions for another year.

When they finally retired Cici, Sergeant Bos jumped at the chance of reuniting with Cici and began the work of officially adopting her, so she could stay with him forever.

When she finally returned home, Bos was waiting to receive her at the airport, and so were dozens of reporters. Her story had caught the attention of local news channels.

YouTube/WOOD TV8

In this clip, we see Cici recognizing Bos’s voice before she even sees him, and she leaps with joy seeing her old friend again. We are so happy this moment was caught on camera. >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

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