Rich Family Left Their Dog Hanging From Back Door & Starved Him For A Month

Mateus was found outside of his wealthy family’s home, tied up with a leash and hanging up on the door. He was unable to free himself and he had no food or water.

He was starving and severely emaciated with all of his ribs protruding through his skin.

Source: Paw Rescue/Youtube

Neighbors told rescuers that the poor pup had been hanging there for more than a month. Despite the weather, Mateus was left out there to endure the elements. They never fed him or paid him any attention.

Although neighbors wanted to help Mateus, they were too afraid to get involved with his very powerful family.

Source: Paw Rescue/Youtube

Thankfully, Mateus was finally freed and rushed to the animal hospital, where he was diagnosed with level two malnourishment. Luckily, aside from being underweight, he was healthy.

Two months later, Mateus looked like a brand new dog. He had gained weight and went from a mere 26 pounds to a healthy 44 pounds. The frightened and sad look on his face is now a big smile.

Source: Paw Rescue/Youtube

Mateus went to live with a foster until he finds his forever home.

Watch his rescue and amazing transformation in the video below:

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