Man was heartbroken after emotional support dog disappeared — months later, he gets good news

Man was heartbroken after emotional support dog disappeared — months later, he gets good news

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, especially when they’re an emotional support animal you rely on for your wellbeing.

That was the case for one man, who searched everywhere trying to get his emotional support dog back — and recently, he finally got some good news.

CJ Ortega, from Denver, has had his Boston terrier Twyla for over two years, and the dog has been an amazing addition to his life.

According to KDVR, Ortega was in a severe car accident a few years ago that left him with emotional and physical trauma. He got Twyla as an emotional support dog, but says she means even more to him than that.

CJ Ortega/Facebook

“She’s definitely more than an [emotional service animal],” he told KDVR. “She is my companion, my ride-or-die. The love of my life.”

“She was just very unexpected in my life, but the most beautiful blessing I can ever ask for.”

But Ortega was left heartbroken when, the day before Thanksgiving, Twyla disappeared. He feared for her life and safety: it was freezing cold, and Twyla needs to take medication for her dermatitis.

Ortega searched everywhere for his beloved dog, putting up signs and handing out flyers. But he couldn’t find her anywhere — and making things even worse, the only response was mean-spirited prank calls: he told KDVR that people would call him to say “she’s dead and she’s never coming back.”

So when Denver Animal Shelter called him on February 13, he initially thought it was just another scam — instead, it was the good news he had been waiting for for months.

According to KDVR, animal services informed him that Twyla had finally been found. The missing dog was found living with people who were arrested on an unrelated charge — they called the dog “Honey” and claimed it was their own.

CJ Ortega/Facebook

But a microchip revealed that it was actually the long-lost Twyla, safe and sound at last. Ortega was thrilled by the news.

“It’s like a dream to me, she is my absolute world,” he told KDVR. “She’s my ride or die, my best friend… I never gave up hope. I never did. I felt like if I gave up hope, I would be giving up on myself and I would never give up on Twyla. I couldn’t.”

Thankfully Twyla was unharmed, and Ortega said she was “well fed” and in “good spirits.” He says that as long as he has her, “Life is great.”

We are so glad Twyla is finally home and reunited with her owner after months apart! Please share this amazing news! ❤️

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