Man Saves Sea Turtles By Buying Them All From Local Food Market & Setting Them Free

Whether or not you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, most animal lovers can agree there are certain creatures you should not eat—especially endangered animals.

But some of these at-risk species are still sold to be eaten, like the sea turtle. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service writes that while sea turtles “are among the world’s most imperiled wildlife,” they are still frequently sold for their meat.


But one man is fighting back, saving sea turtles before they end up as someone’s dinner.

A man named Arron Culling, from Greymouth, New Zealand, found some turtles being sold at a local market.

He bought them all for $50. But he didn’t intend to eat them for dinner.

He wanted to set them free!

Culling drove “5 km up the road” to a beach and set the turtles free to their natural habitat.

He posted the photos to Facebook, showing the freed turtles crawling back to sea.

A 2014 study showed found that 42,000 sea turtles were legally killed in a single year despite being endangered.

We need a change in laws and regulations to help save the sea turtle population, but until then it’s great to see people are finding ways to fight back.

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