Man Rescues Fawn With Broken Leg – She Thanks Him In Remarkable Fashion

Nature can be cruel, but thankfully Darius Sasnauskas is not. When he spotted a little deer in need of some help he stepped in right away.

Even if that meant housing a tiny fawn.

“A deer doe abandoned one of her twin fawns, the fawn had injured leg and could not keep up with the mother,” he explains in the caption of his YouTube video. “I do not support keeping wild animals as pets, but this was a special situation.”

His 17-minute long rescue video shows a mother deer and her two babies playing in Sasnauskas’ backyard. He notices that there is something wrong with one of her fawns. It keeps stumbling and seems like one of its front legs are injured.

The fawn was lying in the grass and unable to move. The mother didn’t want to deal with the straggler so she left her baby and carried on with the other fawn.

Sasnauskas knew that there were a lot of bears in the area and couldn’t just leave the injured fawn to fend for herself.

“With so many predators around, she had no chance to survive on her own,” the video explains.

So he took the darling little fawn in, but not everyone in his house was pleased to see her.

“All my pets were not too happy with the new resident,” he explains.

The cats just kept staring at it and his dog didn’t want anything to do with the tiny creature. Still, they let the little deer in their home so it could heal.

“Her leg wasn’t broken but clearly there was something wrong with it.

So, Sasnauskas created a leg brace for the deer out of an oatmeal box to help steady her leg. He also had to bottle feed her every four hours and she was always pretty hungry.

Eventually, Sasnauskas’ pets learned to love their new deer friend.

The dogs even acted as its surrogate mom and would give her lots of kisses and run and play together and make sure she didn’t get into any trouble.

“They love each other, but we needed to find her real mom,” Sasnauskas explained.

So, once the fawn’s leg was healed, Sasnauskas set out to find a mother to adopt the deer. He released her into a field where he knew other deer would roam. After a while, he spotted a few deer roaming around.

However, the little deer wanted to say with her human and followed Sasnauskas around.

Thankfully, the deer’s mother eventually showed up and he was able to release the baby back to her.

“The doe and two her fawns are still around, we see them through the summer and the autumn,” he explains.

Sasnauskas says that he still spots his fawn friend and her mother from time to time and that she’s growing fast. You can watch Sasnauskas’ heartwarming rescue in the video below.

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