Man Gets Mad At Barking Dog So He Swings It Around And Slams It Into Coffee Table

A man in Madison County, Indiana is accused of a horrible act of violence that resulted in his dog dying.

Police report that 26-year-old Timothy R. Neill became angry at the family dog for barking and tortured the animal to death.

A man called police and when they arrived, he told them his stepson, Timothy, just killed the animal.

Source: RTV6

According to reports, Neill came out of his bedroom, picked up one of the barking dogs by his choker chain, and became swinging it around in a windmill fashion. He then proceeded to throw the animal into the coffee table.

When questioned, Neill told police the dog aggravated him when he exited his room and even tried to bite him. When the police officer asked him how he killed the dog, he replied, “With the leash, It was easy. It was a 20-pound dog.”

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