Man Brings Dog Back To Life By Performing CPR

A video going viral on social media proves that kindness knows no bound. In the clip, a dog is out of breath, and a man standing commits himself and starts to perform CPR on the dog saving his life.

The man from the video sets an example that everyone is essentially the same, whether a human or an animal.

We can see in the clip that despite his efforts, the dog is still unable to breathe. However, instead of giving up on the dying animal, the man continues to put effort and finally revives the four-legged animal.

If this person did not come to the rescue, the dog would have died.

Watch the clip here:

After being shared online, the video has garnered close to 2 hundred thousand views. Netizens acclaimed the man’s act of kindness and flooded it with loving messages in the comments section.

“Blessed are those whose heart dwells for others,” a social media user wrote.

Another netizen commented, “Great. If all were like this, this earth would turn into a Paradise. Love all and live well. God bless those extraordinary men and women.”

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