Maltipoo Takes The Internet By Storm For His ‘Poses’ Around New York City

If you’re one of 3 billion people using social media, and you’re like us, you probably follow a lot of pet-fluencers. I mean, how could you not! They’re just too cute!

I’m sure we’ve all dreamed of swapping lives with these celebrities. After all, they live carefree, being served hand and foot, worrying about nothing else but being cute and posing for the camera.


Plenty of pooches have swagger, but few are as stylish Agador, a Maltipoo, based in New York City. Also known as the Pooch of NYC or, the “Bob Ross of dogs,” this pup has a pawfectly molded fro that bears striking similarities to the iconic painter.

His enviable hair is part of what him so famous — it’s just the perfect mass of ringlets. And let’s not forget to mention the serious seventies vibes he’s giving off.


You’ll often see Agador collaborating with another version of himself, his little mini-me and partner in crime @littlefreddietinkles. The two of them are just pure magic in front of the camera.

When he’s not posing with his BFF, Agador is a pooch with a plan. He is often seen getting all pampered up, ready to enjoy the big city life of wine tasting, shopping and snacking.


You’re probably wondering, how they trained the four and two-year-old pooches to hold their hilarious poses?

“We taught them when they were very young,” Francis told the Rachael Ray Show.

But, he did also mention that Agador naturally began posing with one paw up from a young age, so it was just a case of encouraging her to keep on doing it.

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