Loyal Dog Will Only Sit By His Toys As They Dry On The Washing Line

Mika the dog has always been protective of his toys. With that sheepdog mentality, he’s very good at guarding things!

He’s super careful not to rip his toys and always knows their whereabouts. But recently, his mom noticed they’d become quite dirty over the years.

Vanessa Dembowiak

Mika would never let the toys out of his sight, so Vanessa Dembowiak waited until he was on a walk one day to round them up and give them a good washing.

But as soon as Mika returned, he immediately walked into the yard and looked up at the washing line where his toys were drying!

Vanessa Dembowiak

He wasn’t about to leave their sides and even ignored when his mom called for him. The loyal dog just sat there with that expression on his face that said he was in this for the long haul!

“My mum washed all the dogs toys. And now he won’t come in the house without them,” says the caption to the post on Reddit.

Vanessa Dembowiak

Soon Mika was reunited with all of his toys, and it was time to start this cycle all over again! 😉

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