Dad Puts On Parrot’s Favorite Music, And She Just Can’t Stop Herself From Dancing

It is always a delight to interact with parrots. These exotic birds are often so happy, upbeat, and fun loving that they end up forming the closest bonds with their humans.

This video captures Lovebird, a parrot who shares a special bond with her dad through music.

Source: takao9700/YouTube

Lovebird and her dad share a love for fast-paced traditional Irish music. But, Lovebird’s fondness is not just for the soothing and uplifting beats, she also loves the Irish tap-dance routine that often accompanies such music!

In this video, captured by Dad during one of their routine after-dinner dance sessions, we see Lovebird tapping away to the soulful beats of the song “Cry of The Celts”.

The bright blue hues of the bird light up as she gracefully moves her feet to match the fast-paced beats. It’s utter perfection!

Source: takao9700/YouTube

While professional dancers train for decades to master their craft, dancing seems to come so effortlessly to Lovebird.

Lovebird ‘loves’ spreading joy in her household, and dancing is just one of her favorite ways to do so! Raise your volume as you watch this sweetness. It’s an instant mood-enhancer!

Click the video below to watch Lovebird’s electrifying dance routine!

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