Lost Warbler Hitches A Ride Back To Shore With Couple On Boat

A couple out boating got some unexpected visitors when some tiny warblers flew onto their boat.

TikTokker @dolphindronedom wrote, “Here’s the story of a tiny friend we made 50 miles out in the middle of the ocean.”

In the video, the small yellow birds are seen landing on their boat. One even landed on the man’s baseball cap.

“Sometimes little migrating shorebirds can get blown out to sea during high winds, and our boat was their only refuge,” @dolphindronedom explained.

It is clear in the video that it was a very windy day, which explains why the man’s baseball cap became the bird’s favorite perch.

The couple recognized that one bird really needed help. “One in particular was so tired that it was happy to join us for the ride home,” the TikTokker said.

So, they made sure to take care of the bird as they headed to shore.

TikTok @dolphindronedom

When it got too windy on the boat for the bird they safely tucked it in a hat. And once they arrived on shore they gently dropped the bird off in the bushes. We’re so happy they took the bird back to dry land!

Some viewers wondered what kind of warbler the couple rescued. A few people guessed that the bird might be a Magnolia Warbler or Townsend’s Warbler.

Warblers migrate in the winter and summer months. This little fellow seems to have gotten swept out to sea by the strong winds. Hopefully, he’ll continue his migration once he’s rested.

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