Lonesome Stray Hit Hard Was Knocked Into Canal & He Couldn’t Climb Out

Stray animals have the toughest time. To merely survive is hard enough. They are on their own to search for food and shelter but their biggest challenges are often staying out of harm’s way.

One stray dog was near a busy road when a car hit him. The sheer force knocked the dog down into a canal.

The poor boy whimpered as loudly as he could. He was injured and alone. He was so badly hurt that climbing up out of the canal wasn’t an option. All he could do was pray that someone would stop and help him. That someone finally did!

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

The Good Samaritan heard the dog crying and ran home for help. He and his son managed to get the dog out and bring him to the closest animal hospital.

The dog was so brave despite all he had been through. He was cold and unsettled. He had no idea what had happened to him.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

The vet took x-rays after a thorough exam. The dog’s spine was badly broken. He and his team administered an IV with fluids and pain medication so the dog could rest. Surgical intervention was an option but only time would tell.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

After the dog was bathed, gently, they gave him a nice place to rest. Their priority was to get him as healthy as possible before any treatment decisions were made.

He’s malnourished and exhausted. With a steady diet and proper rest, the dog should regain his strength. Since this rescue just happened, now is the time to pray for his recovery.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

We are so grateful for the Good Samaritan, the medical team, and the brave dog’s fighting spirit. Let’s send this pup all of our well-wishes and prayers!

To see the dog’s incredible rescue, please scroll down. Every life is precious and stray animals need us more than ever!

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