His Sad Puppy Eyes Didn’t Work On A Stubborn Owner Who Wouldn’t Bend

A lonely dog named Bean spent his days and nights in a filthy pen in his backyard. His owner never paid any attention to him or showed him any love.

The pen was never cleaned, and it was even full of trash. But PETA fieldworkers would find the dog and step in to help.

Source: PETA/YouTube

But as much as they asked, the stubborn owner refused to hand the dog over to them. So the fieldworkers continued to visit Bean and make his life as good as they possibly could.

They played with the pup and gave him affection and cleaned his pen. They even took it upon themselves to replace his rotting doghouse and put out some straw bedding!

Source: PETA/YouTube

Bean’s spirit never broke through it all. And three years later, it all paid off when his owner finally agreed to give him up!

Bean’s first Christmas would be spent with a loving family who’d never think of mistreating him, and it’s a beautiful thing! See the dog living his best life in the video below. 🙂

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