Lonely 12-Year-Old Dog Gets Special Gift, Behaves ‘Like A Kid’ On Christmas Day

Losing a beloved dog is hard on everyone and one of the hardest parts of being a dog parent. Dogs also grieve their canine family members when they pass away. When Rosie the Golden Retriever died, her pack mate, Cash, was lonely. His parents decided to make Cash’s day and surprise him with a new puppy.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Thanks to Jay and Marie Ahonen, this video is a viral sensation. Cash waits for his dad by the door, but he has no idea what he’s about to receive.

We see Jay set the box down while his wife, Marie, captures the magic on video. Cash can smell that something awesome is in the box, and then suddenly, peek-a-boo, a Golden puppy appears!

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Cash is so excited, he can hardly contain himself. Just like a kid on Christmas morning, he is prancing and running around with joy. He sniffs the puppy, and it’s confirmed that a friendship has been formed.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Watch this joyful celebration when the broken heart of an old dog is given the chance to love once again!

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It’s bad enough when the kids learn how to talk back to you, but when the family dog learns how to push back, OH BOY! This video shows that even the strongest parent will secretly melt when trying to get this furry one to obey.

Brian, a handsome Siberian Husky with signature deep blue eyes, is repeatedly asked by his guardian to “Go in your house”. However, Brian is not in the mood to retreat to his doghouse right now, so he responds with a clear and resounding “No.” He is so clear in responding to this direct request (complete with wagging tail), it makes one wonder if Brian has a complete vocabulary to express himself.

Known to be one of the canine world’s most talkative breeds, Siberian Huskies no doubt developed their voices when having to pull sleds through the frigid climates of the northern hemisphere.

For kids who talk back to their parents, they will get a quick trip to the “doghouse,” but for Brian the talking Husky, it’s clear that he is going to stay right there on that comfy couch!

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