Little Girl Adorably Trains Her Puppy

Little Girl Adorably Trains Her Puppy

Hadley is trying to train her dog Gauge to give her his paw in this precious clip.

I’m trying to train my dog Gauge to give me his paw. I saw a video online of a dog doing it and thought it looked really cool. Gauge is a smart dog, so I figured he would be able to learn it pretty easily.

I started by showing him my hand and saying “give me your paw.” He just stared at me like he didn’t know what I was talking about. So I tried again, this time holding a treat in my hand.

He sniffed the treat and then put his paw in my hand to get it. I praised him and gave him the treat. I’m going to keep working with him until he gets it down perfectly.

Who knows, maybe he’ll be the next big Internet sensation.

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