Mama Dog Doesn’t Understand How Come New Pups Aren’t Able To Play Ball With Her

Being a new mama comes with a lot of stressors, but it also comes with great joy and comfort. A new dog mom, Liberty the Fox Red Labrador, recently gave birth to a beautiful litter of eight healthy pups.

Her owner reports Liberty is a wonderful mom, but she has one desire her new babies won’t seem to fulfill. More than anything, Liberty wants her pups to play with her.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

After a recent feeding, the litter of three-week-old furbabies was nestled in their pen for a nap when Liberty came along.

Rather than try to get some downtime away from her pups, Liberty sauntered over to her toybox, picked up a big green ball, and dropped it into the puppy pen.

Liberty’s owner hurried to get her cell phone in order to film the precious request.

“Did you want them to play,” Liberty’s owner asks her beautiful dog. “Libby, they’re not big enough yet,” she continues as Liberty looks up sorrowfully to her owner.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

One of the roly-poly furbabies landed on his back and with his tummy in the air, as he tried to understand what was going on. The new mama must have been wondering why she has eight pups but no one with which to play ball.

Hang in there, sweet girl, they’ll grow up fast and be ready to play with you. Press play below to watch this adorable video.

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